Inaugural Upshabby Challenge~ Success

What a great 1st challenge! Thanks to the first group for raising your hands to take part~ Shelley, Sarah and Patty. It was amazing how month it went without many bumps along the way. I loved the interaction and camaraderie with a hint of competition.

Voting isn’t done so unknown who’ll pick the “rules” of the next challenge. If you’ve never repurposed or have felt intimidated this is a great introduction. No expectations except to enjoy the process, be open to learn and have fun!

There are many sites that you can go to for inspiration and if there’s something that you’ve wanted to try in DIY repurposing… Ask. I’ve been doing this for a number of years to earn extra money while maintaining my sanity. I’ll start posting things that I’ve learned along the way. Including Chalk Paint… Yes Ben I said “that” word. Chalk… his favorite.

We’ll do the next Challenge in late September or early October. It’ll be announced a few weeks before giving everybody time to start planning. Don’t be shy. Raise your hand early and there are many people that’ll help if you have questions. Remember though that the rules will be set by the winner of he 1st Challenge. I chose the first and that was maximum of $10 to spend on getting the project. Shelley spent $5 for the desk that turned into the “princess Desk.” Sarah found hers on the side of the road so it was free ( jealous), Patty took a rattan wreath that she’d had and created a gorgeous wine centered theme? I picked up a $10 corner rattan bookcase. I ended up being the “big spender.” Lol.

Everybody did a great job! It was fun and I look forward to the next Challenge! Join us…

Signed Upshabby. šŸ˜‰


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