I’ve been Upshabby and repurposing for years. There were times when I’d be at the parent’s shop and dad would look over at me and ask what I would do with something that was a byproduct of the trophy industry. I had no idea how that would turn into this.
Today’s topic is transferring graphics. This information wasn’t developed by me. In fact, I started pulling information on line over a year ago. I tried the mod podge… no success. I tried water and a brayer. That didn’t work for me either. Had moderate success using nail polish remover with printed images.
Then I ran across what I’m doing now with and I’m thrilled with the success. It serves the purpose of what I’m looking for and takes a plain piece of furniture and makes is stand out. The pic of the table posted is a vintage table that was very distressed. Basically it had been around for awhile and not receiving any attention. The kind of table that gets tossed in the garage until a child heads to college.
A couple of key things to remember. You’ll need an inkjet or deskjet printer. I picked mine up on CL before we left TX for $10. They’re probably even cheaper now as they float around with nowhere to go after the laser arrives.
Laser does not work with this method. Also, you need to print on a wax type paper in order to transfer the image. I used wax paper that I had cut to paper 8.5 by 11. I took spray adhesive and sprayed the top inch or so of a piece or normal paper to attach the wax paper to. The idea is to help the wax paper feed into the printer. If you do this feed the attached wax paper directly into the printer. If you don’t the process could turn into a challenge. Wax paper is a good start but its thin. If it wrinkles that tends to create issues. Another option is to pull out a sheet of Avery labels. Pull the labels off and use the back to print to. Remember that you want to print on the wax side.
Find the image that you want to work with. If it has writing remember that you need to print it in reverse otherwise the words will be backwards. Been there…. Done that.
Now you’ve got your image printed and are ready to go. If the piece that you’re transferring to is waxed or varnished you’ll want to lightly sand it. If you don’t the ink will not adhere and transfer. Next you need water. I have a spray bottle that is close by. I take a paper towel and spray that a few times. You don’t want it soaking wet but enough so that when you wipe down the surface of whatever you’re transferring to that it’s moist. This stage may seem “extra” but is required. The water prepares the surface to accept the ink. Wipe it down  and then head to the printer. No need to worry about the ink drying quickly. It sits on the wax until you’re ready.
Printed image in hand and surface wiped. Now you’re ready. Ben used to travel a lot for work and bring home the hotel room key cards. That is what I use. Find one that is stiff as not all of them are the same.
Decide where you want the image. I typically do that with the tape measure and setting up paper boundaries to guide where to drop the image. That at least helps me get the position as close to center as possible. Be careful once the image is face down as it will shift and if it does the ink will smear. I keep 1 hand on it the entire time and in the same spot to avoid that as much as possible. Pull out the credit card and run it across the back of the paper as if you were removing water from your windshield at the gas station. If wood is not perfectly flat and there are grooves then I’ll run my key card vertical to force the ink into the groove.
After you’ve done that for awhile it’s ok to lift the page but keep your hand positioned so that if you’re not satisfied with the transfer you can drop the page back into place and keep going.
I prefer transferring images to chalk paint but that’s another day of blogging. Google Annie Sloan and get background info. The paint is incredible but runs on what I call spendy side. A quart of Annie Sloan is approximately $35.
Please shoot over a pic of your completed transfer and let me know if you have any questions. There are other ways to transfer but this has been my favorite. It’s easy and doesn’t require me to spend money on product. Thanks for stopping in and feel free to share and follow along.Image
Signed… UpshabbyImage

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