Life in all it’s Glory…

As I sit here at my desk I think about the last 15 years and how I’ve gotten to “here.” I started keeping a journal when I was 18. It was a good strategy as it became my friend and confidante. July 4, 1989 I remember my parent’s dropping me off at Chico State with a casual wave as they drove off. I’ll never forget that old house that I lived in with 7 other girls. The staircase was too steep with 90 degree angles that my box springs were NOT going up. My father ended up pulling off the window form my bedroom and between he pushing the frame up and me pulling on the rope… up it came.
College didn’t start until the end of August but I arrived early to start training for Field Hockey. And train I did.
I don’t recall why I was back at school. But he and I had a conversation that if I hit the 30’s and wasn’t where I thought I wanted to be I’d author. Don’t recall anything more about that conversation except he gave me my “pen name.” I always said that when I had a story. Well I do have a story that needs to be told but I’ll get to that another time. Currently I’m communicating with Editors to find a “fit.”
It hasn’t even reached 8am and yet I’ve been up since 4am. My internal clock has always been odd. I think it’s time to head back out to the garage and continue on the Upshabby table. It’s drying from the spackle to even out the surfaces and then light sand, paint and wings will get added to the top.
The chair that I’m sitting in has a set of wings hanging on the back. Only seems fitting to put wings on the antique.
I’ll post before and after pics of the table tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting it done.
Signed… UpshabbyImage

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