Can’t paint? Temp color with Fabric!

Thanks to my friend Sarah. I went to she and her mom’s place yesterday to help her with DIY and she broke out fabric that was sitting in a plastic tote unused! Begging to repurposed for something. My sister and mom would tell you that back in the day when they spent a lot of time in quilt shops I earned the name “fabric fondler.” Things haven’t changed much except what I do with it once I do have it. I’ve done duvets, upshabbied clothes from my own closet, covered boxes, etc. The pic in this post is fabric that I attached to the front of my armoire. It was done with Mod Podge so unless I get out the heat gun to release, paint over the top (which is an option) or cover it with more fabric, it’s pretty well “stuck.” It’s my favorite fabric though even after nearly 3 years has passed.


That got me to thinking. I recalled something that I had learned a few years ago and wanted to share it. Ben and I are currently in a rental house and have been for years. For now it works but at some point we will buy. J Until then, we are under the guidelines of the owner and as y’all know painting is a no-no. Unless, of course, you want to do it again before you move out.


I’ve always been keen on bringing in color through fabric. Love duvets  that add a punch of color in the room and then also painting furniture to Upshabby the piece and make it “fit” into the space and overall “feel.” I think we’d all agree that key is to make your space feel comfy. How many times have you walked into a space and said, “no way… I wouldn’t live here.” Lord knows that in all the time that I was in RE there would be times that I was showing homes and after the door was opened my clients and I would turn to leave. You know THAT feeling.


Liquid starch is what we’re talking about. Using liquid starch as the adhesive allows you to add color to your space without having to paint. Think temporary as YOU get to decide when it comes down. The other thing to think about is if you have kids that are getting to that stage where just after you finish they have outgrown barney or superman. This can be done to walls or the back of book cases. There are as many different options with this. Think outside the box!


I bought Sta-Flo liquid starch at WalMart when we were still back in TX. I went and grabbed it from the garage to confirm the brand. It is in a 2 qt bottle and I recall that it was approximately $4.


Google it and find a you tube to watch on the process. Head to WalMart, pull out the fabric and have fun with this. Again… it’s temp and when it’s time to remove it doesn’t damage the walls and it is removed like saran wrap. No damage AND color? Sign me up!


The 2nd Upshabby Challenge will be in September. Don’t know what we’re doing yet as the winner, Shelley, hasn’t announced that yet. Follow that on Upshabby Group on FB. J


Create, Have fun and Upshabby!ImageImage


2 thoughts on “Can’t paint? Temp color with Fabric!

  1. Not only did you get fabric yesterday but I got a crash course in various DIY/Upshabby techniques. I think I have also found my new Sensei- my Obi-Wan Kenobi in you, & I could not be more excited(and grateful… boy have I locked out!)

    I am fairly new to this whole repurposing game. &, in all honesty I’ve never really had a huge amount of artistic ability. I just mean and the handmade/crafty stuff area. I’m not totally lacking in artistic ability- I can create chslk designs- design a mean landscaping plan, and I can sing like an angel- J/K;-) (but, enough about me and the back patting.) but, I mean I am really technically challenged in this area. However-fear not, there are a few things I have learned so far in my infancy stage learning the art of repurposing. #1- you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to make this stuff work, and look pretty darn good. #2- it’s not nearly as difficult as one would think #3- you have to put your uncertainty and fears on the shelf. For the most part you can rip out a seam, you can paint over a stencil gone wrong or miss stroke, don’t be scared. let your creativity flow! I am so excited about learning more and have to give a shoutout to my Sensei Alli! you have opened up a whole new world to me that is very very fulfilling.Thanks again girl and I’m very much looking forward to the antique mall tomorrow! Upshabby on guys and gals ❤

    • It’s been fun and my pleasure. You and I share the desire to repurpose And keeping things out of the landfill that don’t need to be there… yet. Now I’m heading back out to the garage.. 😉

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