That “funny” thing called life…

Life has a funny way of rolling sometimes. When I’m home alone I spend a lot of time either on the computer or out in the garage working on something. Typically that “something” involves paint and a piece of furniture. Take this morning as an example. I’d gone out to the garage to repaint a small coffee table that I picked up months ago. Never knew quite what I was going to do with it but y’all know what my favorite thing to do right now is. Yep… paint, distress, throw a graphic and away it goes.

I’ve shared this on the Upshabby Facebook page. If you’re not a part of that group just drop in and request. We’ll do the 2nd Upshabby Challenge sometime in Sept TBD. Shelley got the most votes for the 1st one so she’ll decide and announce what we’re doing soon. It’s fun, the camaraderie is great with a hint of competition. And for any of you that don’t know, Shelley is my sister and my she is my right hand in Upshabby. Works in my book.

Back to the graphics. Got mildly side-tracked when flashing back to the 1st Challenge. J When I 1st got connected to the DIY scene a few years ago there were 3 that I consistently checked their info to get tips and tricks. One of those was Karen @ Graphics If you haven’t looked at that site… head over. I may have mentioned it when I was posting pics of furniture that I’d done. Nearly all the graphics that I use come from what Karen offers. I love the vintage feel and the variations. French Typography is by far my favorite and they are FREE.

The 2nd one that I followed in the beginning was Loved the energy and knowing that when I went to the site, there would be something that caught my attention.

The final mention is Miss Mustard Seed. I’ve enjoyed reading her story and how she got to where she is today. Whether DIY or repurposing is a hobby , or turning into more recognize that there are people willing and able to help you along the way. Keep your head down, stay focused and ask if you have questions. Go check out If you like paint… think Miss MustardSeed and Milk Paint. I haven’t used it but I’m sure I’ll find a retailer soon and try it.

On that note, I’ve got to drop back out to the garage to finish up the coffee table so that it can go get priced to be sold at the shop this weekend. Off and away… Be safe this long holiday weekend.

Signed… Upshabby


6 thoughts on “That “funny” thing called life…

    • Go to the facebook page for Upshabby and there is another Upshabby Group. They are very similar except the group is where we interact and talk about Upshabby projects. The glass challenge is set for 9/22! Fun fun. Join in and either myself or Shelley will accept your request and jump in. The water is “nice.” 🙂

      Alli aka Upshabby

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