Graphic transfer~ part 2

What a great long weekend! Was able to take on some tasks that had escaped me and overall spend time with my better half.
A friend of mine from high school just lost her daughter to a car accident. Things like that turn worlds upside down. Even if we sit back and think “that’ll never happen to me,” I’m here to say that it does. I lost somebody very close to me years ago. I won’t go into the story but offer this as a “friendly” reminder that life does happen which we have no control over. Just remind yourself that our time here on this earth is limited and we never know when our “number” will be called. Don’t go to bed angry and don’t assume that tomorrow will be there.
I had wanted to post that on FB but it seemed that it would be too close. People constantly say that it gets easier as time passes. It doesn’t but we each find ways to deal with things.
With that said, I’ve been working on transferring graphics to furniture. I love the look after it’s done and it adds a statement to furniture that normally gets lost. The attached pic of the coffee table is an example. It didn’t start out with anything special. What attracted me to it on Craigslist is that it had a French Provencial feel to it. The curves and the drawer pull both spoke to me that way. The table itself is probably about 10 years old and the price that I got it for was $10. It started off with good bones except when I opened the drawer. A child wrote a message to someone on that aka graffiti. I threw a coat of paint on that drawer to remove that. I pulled a piece of fabric from my stash and cut it and hemmed it to fit perfectly on the bottom. That can either go or stay depending on the buyer. Drawers tend to be a catch all around here. If it were me, I’d leave it there and pull it to wash it.
After the painting was complete and the drawer liner added it was cute but still missing something. I’m all about adding graphics to surfaces right now. Nearly everything that I use comes from the Graphics Fairy website. The variety is big and I love looking at the variations offered. Just remember to print it in reverse if you are transferring it to the surface. If you don’t, the writing will be backwards and you’ll have to start over.
I posted full instructions on how I’ve been doing the transfer process. Feel free to read that and let me know if you have any questions. What I haven’t mentioned until now is That site will allow you to upload a JPEG to increase the size for FREE. I like to work with regular sized paper but sometimes you need a little larger and this site enables you to increase the graphic by increasing the number of pages that it’s printed to. Small grapic = 1 page; larger graphic = more pages. It’s taken time to get to this point of working out how to transfer multiple page graphics. I’m not quite there yet but getting closer.
The picture that is attached of the coffee table is 6 pages.
Head over to the check it out. Let your mind think about the different applications for this. A classroom banner? Welcome home?  Happy Birthday… etc.
Have fun with this and again let me know if you have any questions. Send me a pic when you try it.
Signed… UpshabbyImageImage

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