Upshabby~ Intervention NEEDED,

I mentioned to the Upshabby Group on FB that I may be needing an intervention. It’s more than just looking at furniture differently. I think that’s normal in what I do. Even as I sit here and compose this I’m looking around my craft room for things that are “needing” a possible change. The intervention though is because I look at furniture that  is “off” and the immediate question is what can I change to make limit the effort while making it better?
I call it my whack-a-mole thinking. Don’t know when the padded club is going to drop. Take for example the glass table that I’m working on. It was a nice looking table to begin with. Glass was nearly perfect. The frame that the glass sits on is kinda “rough around the edges” which fits perfectly with my style. I don’t live in perfect and nothing that I do is “perfect.” The fact that it looks like there’s a bit of rust on it is PERfect!
Right now my favorite thing to do is add graphics. I’ve mentioned Graphics Fairy before, which is where I pull almost everything from. I like the variety and things are added often. Thanks Karen! This graphic came from there and was added to the backside. Because it wasn’t on the front it was printed normal as if you were printing it to have a copy for yourself to scrapbook etc. Once it was transferred I ran a coat of wax over it thinking that would help. Didn’t do anything to the graphic but left the buildup on the glass. I knew that if I tried to buff it I’d end up needing to start over.
In steps my whack- a-mole thinking. What can I do to “fix” this without completely pulling the graphic off and redoing it? I walked into the garage and found the can of frosting spray. Remember that this is on the side that will be flipped over and face the ground when it’s done. Here’s what it looks like right now. I’ll need to hit it with 1 more light frost coat to even it out as much as possible. Then it’ll get clear coated to seal it and cure for a day before I flip it over and positioned on the stand.
So even though it didn’t quite go the route I anticipated, I like it better. When the table is flipped over and with the shiny glass side up you can see the graphic perfectly. It looks fantastic. Now to be patient and allow it to cure before flipping it. When it’s done I’ll post a pic on the Upshabby Facebook  page. Feel free to come and take a look. Also, the 2nd Upshabby Challenge has been announced. This time around it will be the glass challenge. No this table is not for that. Purely a coincidence as the winner of the 1st challenge chose this and I had already started it.
Doesn’t matter if you’re new to repurposing. Feel free to jump in. The camaraderie is fantastic. It’s a lot of fun and we all can learn things along the way. The challenge is posted on the Upshabby Group page. Don’t be shy, raise your hand and join in. Doesn’t matter if you’re new to the Upshabby lifestyle. No expectations from the group except o have fun and enjoy. 
Signed… Upshabby

2 thoughts on “Upshabby~ Intervention NEEDED,

  1. I love reading your blog! Not only is it informative but, I love your style of writing. Its like I can almost hear you talking in my head when I read it. Good stuff! All the way around 🙂

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