“AHA” moment~ transfers

We’ve got the Glass Challenge coming up. Until then I make a mental commitment to stay off the subject of transfers. This is the “last” one until October rolls around. I pinkie swear. I’d move on now except I was talking about how I had that “aha” moment and figured out how to make this easier for me. I might as well thank Oprah for the “aha moment” concept. I was a huge fan of hers starting in the 80’s.
As I’ve mentioned in previously blog posts, I’d tried the Mod Podge transfer method. I’d tried the wax paper and freezer paper. I tried hair spray and water and nail polish remover. All of these came from what I’d pulled up on the internet. I wasn’t playing made scientist and trying to figure something out. Although, that would be “fun” but patience isn’t at the top of my characteristics.
My whole thing was trying to use things that I already have as resources in a goal of Upshabbying things. Out of all of those things mentioned, I liked the wax paper the best. I’d even picked up a cheap inkjet printer from CL before we left TX because I knew that trying to run wax through our normal everyday printer was a “nogo.” I was warned about that by Ben. Love ya babe… nudge nudge wink wink.
I came across a youtube talking about using the back of Avery labels as the wax paper. That seemed like a great idea because normal wax paper from the kitchen is too thin. I didn’t experience issues but having it jam in the printer could create bigger issues. Then Ben said, “hey we’ve got commercial grade wax paper at work that I can bring home that are misprints.” That was beautiful. A. ) it repurposed instead of throwing it in the trash and B.) it was heavier duty.
I was sold. I used that on a couple of projects and overall it was 100% better. The wax paper was not see through so it was an engineering nightmare for me. I’m a visual person and if I can’t see what’s going on then it’s a challenge. A “frustrating” one at that. So last night I was thinking about how to work around that. This morning the “aha” moment it hit me.
Instead of wax paper from the kitchen and the commercial stuff that I can’t see though, I realized that I had an option that was purchased by me months ago and comes in a roll. Think… what could Upshabby be referring to?
I pulled out the roll of contact paper and decided that it was worth a try. Into the craft room I went to pull out my cutters and measuring device to cut the 8.5 by 11” inch page. I cut it twice so that as I pulled the backing off I could attach them to each other. It wasn’t that difficult but take your time and remove the back slowly. Work the air bubbles out to the side. I do that with a defunct atm card.
Once I had the 2 lined up and stuck together with most of the air out, I decided it was time to do a trial run. It’s clear and I was able to see through which made this process not only easy but quick.
This glass table makes the 2nd table that I’ve done. The first I was using the commercial wax paper which is why I ended up frosting the glass to hide a mistake. I personally like how it looks so no foul there.
The new table is fab. Love how it came out and how easy it was. Remember that you need to seal the inkjet because even thought it’s under on the bottom side of the glass there are sprinklers and such that will make the ink run. I’ve used minwax verathane to seal. It’s a toss up with polycrylic but the verathane had decent reviews and was less expensive.
This weekend I’m going to transition over to a project that I have forming in my head that requires my sewing machine. It’ll be gorgeous. Check back in, or better yet, hit the follow button.
Have a great rest of the week. Now I’m off to pick up the Upshabby Glass Challenge piece to work on this weekend.
Signed Upshabby… ImageImage

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