When Pigs Fly

It’s been an interesting and exciting process. I was introduced to repurposing years ago but could never see it traveling down this path of passion and loving the process of the hunt. It reminds me of my father and how he would every Saturday and Sunday make his way out to the flea markets. He’d tell you that it was exercise but truth be told it was that and the “hunt.” I guess the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree on that one.

If he could see me now I think he’d say something like, “what’s time to a pig?” That was by far one of his favorite one liners. As I was thinking about him this morning and this adventure that I’m on I was reminded of a movie where one of the one liners was “when pigs fly.” If anybody recalls the movie please shoot me a message. I would guesstimate that the movie was from the late 70’s. Somebody will know…

In memory of my father and everything that he taught me. Some of it I was aware of and some of it is just being realized, I’m taking my vintage desk to the garage today. I found a graphic “when pigs fly” that I will transfer to the surface. That will be my subtle reminder from my father that things aren’t always what they seem and it doesn’t have to make sense today. Just have faith and “all you can do is the best you can do.”

I believe in messages from those that you love if you keep your heart and soul open to receiving them. Today has been a message from my father, God rest his soul. I had a dream about my best friend DogDog the night before last. We had to put him down April 15th as a result of Cancer. I promised him when he was diagnosed that I wouldn’t keep him longer than his soul wanted to be here. With that said, my father loved that dog.

I believe that this has been a message and that Pops is watching over DogDog and taking care of him.

On the Upshabby note, I’m heading back out to the garage to finish getting the 4 chairs in order. Next up today will be my desk top. Fortunately that just requires me to lift it off the base and take it out. Because, afterall, “when pigs fly” sums up my Friday.

ImageThanks for checking in and remember that the Upshabby Glass Challenge is coming up at month end. If you’re interested in taking on the challenge, understand that there aren’t any expectations. We gather, have fun and enjoy the process. Yes, there is a hint of competition but in fun. There is Upshabby page and Upshabby Group. The Group is currently a closed group but all you need to do is request. I’ll get a message and approve you. Easy Peasy Upshabby breezy.


Have  a great weekend!


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