50 Shades of Grey

I refer to a few people a quite a bit on the blog. The 1st is my boyfriend, life partner and amazing friend Ben. We’ve almost been together 7 years babe and it continues to get better. My sister Shell who raised her hand and stepped into help me get the Upshabby Challenge momentum going. Thanks sista! The last is Sarah. She’s a new friend that jumped into Upshabby quickly and with both feet and her soul.

She posted on the Upshabby Group this morning about “50 shades of Grey.” That caught my attention and I googled it to figure out the general meaning and big picture. If you read the post about “When Pigs Fly” you’ll see the connection in how my brain works. Something will catch my attention and I’ll spend the time to figure out how that applies in my world. I don’t live in perfect and don’t expect to but things are falling into place and starting to feel “as it should be.”

50 Shades of Grey resonates with me and the unknown and uncertainty. Those words came up when I googled it and they speak to me. Life is an unknown and we must never assume anything. When that happens something is bound to jump out disguised as a reality check.

I am a college graduate. I am a woman who has fought her inner demons. I am a woman who looks is able to recognize that doors open when others close. I don’t have to understand the why’s of my life as it happens but what I do need to do is look at the messages as they appear. Last thing that I’ll say about this before I move onto the Upshabby focus goes back to mid 2005. I had the unfortunate experience of driving to the church  for the service of my deceased former boyfriend. As the service was wrapped up and I hung in the church to follow his casket out. As he was loaded in the back of the hearse I stood there and wondered how life had taken such a wrong turn.

This is where it gets interesting and the mention of “signs” comes in. The hearse was about to drive away and rounding the corner and coming down the street was an Indian Motorcycle. That wouldn’t mean anything to anybody on the outside, however, that is where he and I met. We both worked at Indian Motorcycle and his life ended as a result of a motorcycle accident. The thing that really caught my attention about that bike rounding the corner was it was an Indian Scout and it happened to be yellow. That was THE bike that he’d dreamed about. I took that as his way of telling me that things were going to be ok.

With all of this and how life is currently unraveling I hold it up and say, “ok I get it!” My life isn’t perfect and I’m ok with that. If it were then my attention span would be lost.

If you haven’t been over to the Upshabby Group Facebook page, please do. It is a closed group for right now. That means nothing except you’ll need to raise your hand and request to be added. Bow out anytime but at least make yourself known. I’m stepping away from furniture for right now and stepping back into Ruffle County. I posted a gorgeous duvet that I’ll be working on this weekend. Check out the pic on Upshabby Group and I’ll post the finished product here when it’s done.

Be safe. Have a great weekend and remember that there are no guarantees in life. This is no dress rehearsal.

Signed… Upshabby


2 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey

  1. Good morning
    The weekend has passed quickly in fifty shades of grey. When angels speak it as if feathers drop from heaven … They always seem to float to just the perfect spot on earth with whisper messages for their appointed hearts🌹. …a yellow brick ride to heaven his stairway to heaven…

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