Antique Sewing Cabinet~ shade of grey

imageI picked this up the on Saturday. I’d seen it at Goodwill about a week ago. This past Sat was the 50% off day and I thought there is NO way it’ll be there. Decided to reroute my day and stop in. To my surprise it was there. I grabbed it (less 50%, might I add) and took it home.Hadn’t even looked at the machine because I didn’t care. My interest was the cabinet! My cabinet left and went to the shop to sell.Β Old~

So when I got home and opened ity imagine my surprise to have a Singer staring back at me. Plugged it in and it was ready o sew. Ok… not really. Bobbin #15 is missing but aside from that its golden. Ben came out and looked at it and said, “Al, if you were a word worker you’d see ‘It’.” We’ll guess what? I’m not. I take things that have been neglected and abused and create interest. He wanted me NOT to paint. I decided that I’d compromise. I’m painting the bottom and will finish sanding and stain the top.

So far it’s halfway done but she’s looking better. πŸ˜‰

In process


13 thoughts on “Antique Sewing Cabinet~ shade of grey

      • IT IS AWESOME! I LUV IT! I have been keeping my eye open for something I can repurpose and post. Since I’m new to blogging I want it to be “perfect” – whatever that means. I will know it when I see it.
        We have some things in common – I lost my Dad on December 31st, 2009. I was his “fav” and I miss him terribly. We lost our mother when I was 11 (now 55) and he raised us. He and I just became extremely close over the years. He lived to be 94 and was shopping at the mall on December 20th; I found him the morning of December 21st after he had a stroke. AND….. I had to put my Dalmation down a few years back due to arthritis. It had just eaten her up and I promised her the same thing – I wouldn’t keep her longer than she could stand to be here.
        I wish you the best; I’m following you. And if I can figure out – (let’s say when I figure out) – how to repost on my blog, I will do that too.
        Take care, and thank you! Again, great job! I’m looking for more inspiration from you!

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