In memory~ 9/11

It’s still the 10th for a few more hours but I got to thinking. I can recall exactly where I was when the events of 9/11 started to unfold. I lived an hour away from where I worked. I recall being in the car driving and listening to the reports. Calls a before 8am and after 9pm were never appropriate. Even today I still follow those guidelines that were engrained.

In thinking about how that changed lives it seems selfish that what I have to say means something in the big picture. Instead of going through a project that I’m working on.. I’ll save that for another day. Instead a few things that I’ve learned along the way may be more poetic.

First, Murphy’s Oil Soap is what I clean may brushes with. sometimes I forget and they’ll end up sitting and looking destroyed. Pull out the Murphy’s and drop the brush in. The worse shape its in the longer you leave it in. I’ve left brushes in the goo for days. The bristles will let you know when they’re done. They’ll be soft and pliable and ready for a thorough rinse and be good to go.

The 2nd thing that I’ll offer is where ok buy my paint. There are probably 20 quarts of paint out there right now. I make it part of my weekly routine to head over to Lowe’s. In the paint section they have a rack called “oops.” The paint will normally be $15 a quart and the “oops” price is between $1 and $2.50 per quart. It drastically cuts the cost of paint and I love that.

So we covered brushes and how to get a screaming paint on paint. The last thing is to have fun. Even if you make a mistake… Who really cares? Take a quick break, regroup and figure out how to salvage it. Remember this is called life and there is no dress rehearsal. Enjoy… Have fun and take care of those around you.

Til next time… Easy peasy Upshabby breezy.Image


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