Going back over the posts that I’ve published. Gave you the inside skinny on where I buy paint for dirt cheap… Check that box. Gave you the information on Graphics Fairy and how I have fine tuned the transfer process… Check that box.  Cleaning brushes… Check that box.

I’m not wanting to beat a dead horse, so to speak, but chalk paint comes back to mind. Most of everything that I paint is chalk painted. There is a 2 fold reason. A.) it doesn’t require priming or sanding and B.) refer back to A and it saves time. I get to decide how I want it to look. Sometimes I will distress it heavy and sometimes I won’t. The piece that I’m working on tells me how to handle it. I know that must sound loony to some but others get it.

What have I chalk painted? Boots… leather chair… recliner in fabric, metal, wood, glass, ceramic, lamp shades… did I mention my Ariat’s? I bought them about 7 years ago and yes they were pink on pink. Hated them and asked myself why I would do that. Have no fear because out rolled the chalk paint. I prefer to make my own. I’m sure that the Annie Sloan paint is fantastic but I have a tough time with the $34 quart. That in addition to the fact that I get to decide my paint colors based on what I have. Those 2 things are important. So I mix my own paint. The process is very simple. Once you’re mixed and the piece is ready, pull your brush out and paint away. There is no worry about which direction to paint. Let the brush do the walking and get it done.

Be sure to let the paint dry completely. Although that isn’t too tough as a coat will dry in about 30 min. It’s better to do a couple of light coats than a heavy coat. Let it dry, pull out the sand paper and distress away. Love the end product.

The final process of sealing the paint depends on what it’s used for. Heavy duty kitchen table/ furniture should be sealed with polyurethane or polycrylic. If it’s not a surface that gets used for meals and the go to for the household I like paste wax but it’s your call.

If you don’t seal the paint it will break down from water and life quickly. You MUST seal to protect the integrity of the surface. If you don’t you’ll find yourself redoing it and that is NO fun.

All the pics that I’m attaching are chalk painted projects. My favorite surprise was the Ariat boots. The pink lowers turned into grey and the uppers will be a navy blue. That combo speaks to me.

Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by chalk paint. There is nothing that you can do wrong. Go with the grain and “wax on wax off” has left the building. Put that paint on there and go to town. If you drop some on the ground… guess what? Grab your water bottle and douse it. It will come off. Sealing it is the key.

Head around the house and find something to paint. Don’t make it any more complicated than it needs to be. I mix my paint with a little water and stuff from the spice closet. No not that. Something that you bake with (baking soda). Yes there is a bunch of recipes on line so google it. I don’t follow an exact recipe anymore as I go more for a consistency but starting out you’ll want to. Have fun with it!



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