Not my 1st time @ the “buy n sell” rodeo..

Walk with me on this and understand the humor that jumps out at me. I’ve been buying and Upshabbying furniture for several years. Going back to college days if I really “stretch.” Found a nice vintage dresser on CL a good great price. I bring said dresser home and sit with it for a bit to decide the color. As I’ve mentioned, many times that is a combo of how I envision it being used AND the colors I have on hand. This was a custom color mix of a gold tone and burnt red. Custom colors is how I roll.

Got talking to the guy that I bought it from. Here talked of his parent’s buying this furniture set for his brother. Let’s just say that it’s “vintage.” 😉

asks me. To send him a pic after I’m done so that he can send it to his mother. Thinks that she’ll enjoy that. So I send him ,said” pic, at his request. This is where he humor comes in. He got the pic and offers to buy it back at 50% “profit.” I’m laughing thinking and responding via email, “sir… This isn’t my 1st time at the buy and sell rodeo…”

Needless to say, I saw the humor in it even if he didn’t. So yes… I bought it for a little, painted and sealed and ready to sell sell sell. Mitch, if you’re reading this no disrespect intended. I’ll step away from the blog and head back out to the barn and rodeo. 🙂ImageImage


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