Blast from the past!

Wow… Ran into this today and had to bring it home. Being raised in the 70’s nearly every house had one of these!

It even came with an 8track and album! Probably from the lady it belonged to before she… Never mind.

I was told that it works and I bought it assuming it does based on that. It probably weighs 45 lbs. The guy I bought it from had his buddy help him put it in the back of my car. Score! When I pulled in the yard guys were here. I asked if they would pull it out and double score! Got to “play” my girl card today. 😉

Chalk painted and waxed. Ready to go. My sound guy gets off work soon so then I’ll know if it really does work. If it does then it’s time to play lottery for tomorrow’s drawing.

I think this is fantastic and causes me to stroll down memory lane.ImageImage


One thought on “Blast from the past!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! We have a 70’s Pioneer stereo cabinet with record player, receiver and an 8 track, that doesn’t work but the rest does. The sound that comes out of these can’t be beat~ What brand is yours? I know someone on e-bay that can help you if it needs a new needle : )

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