Book it!

When I was very young I was taught to respect books. I chalk that up to my mother being an avid reader and doing so every day. When she finishes reading book, one e would never know unless you saw her complete it. No dog ears and rarely, and I mean almost never, even a binding cracked. I learned that young. So today I was going through stuff in the garage after the last move. I came upon hard back books. I don’t throw books away. There again, part of my “training.”

What to do, what to do. I’m an avid chalk painter. Love the process and distressing is my favorite. Followed up by adding a graphic. 🙂

I ran across a few hard backs from a previous industry that I’d been in. Far be it for me to toss them. Instead, they were chalk painted, distressed and a graphic added. What a “new” concept for me. Not so much, but here they are.

They went from being a what the hell do I do with them to where do I put them?  I love this look. Book it!image


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