Eezy peezy~ Upshabby breezy

I wanted to post a couple of projects that are easy to accomplish and could be used in a variety of different ways. Could be table centerpieces at a wedding. Could direct people with table numbers. Kids birthday parties. You get to choose. This could even be chalk painted with chalk attached. You get the idea.

The way in which this could be used is diverse and cost effective. The silver tray cost $1 and was chalk painted with inkjet transfer. If you missed that go back and catch it in a previous blog. Once I did the transfer, I let it dry and then waxed it to seal it the chalk paint and inkjet. It didn’t look quite complete so I added black paint pen around the perimeter of the interior tray. The pic with the black paint pen isn’t shown. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll add it. That tray hangs out on my armoire for the catch all. And yes, my full name is Allison. 🙂

The 2nd eezy peezy is the glass bubble jar mounted to a votive candle holder. Also came from the Dollar Store but this was $2 for the 2 pieces. I took black paint and dropped it into the votive holder before I attached the 2 together. The goal was to create color to add interest. I’d change the black to something vibrant if I were doing it again but they were already attached. I used e6000 which can be picked up at WalMart or craft stores.

This one was lightly more challenging but still disable with the inkjet transfer. As I mentioned, if you missed it scan previous blog and it’s there. Have fun with this and use your creativity and imagination. Craft projects do NOT have to be expensive or time consuming. Have fun with it. The blue Tiffany box inside the glass bubble was there to contrast the “Allison.” The “A” wasn’t perfect and that sometimes  works for the vintage look I prefer.ImageImage

Signed… Upshabby 


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