Clear Coat Extravaganza!

This is comical. I fought staining for awhile. Ok… longer than that. I would chalk paint everything and then paste wax it. That’s great and I love it EXCEPT a high use table. Something where a sweaty glass will get set. In the event that happens it leaves a less than favorable mark. In steps polyurethane.

Instead of paste waxing I’m applying 2 to 3 coats of poly to seal it. The waterfall got fully clear coated. It’s from the 30’s so any extra strength is great. Also, I didn’t want the black print on the drawer fronts to get messed up.

If it were a table with a surface that got used a lot I’d clear coat the surface and leave the legs chalk painted and then waxed. Best of both worlds!

I love figuring out the details. My father used to say, “it’s only a mistake if you don’t catch it.” I saved this waterfall mistake. 😉 Thanks pops…


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