Duvet Doubled…

Duvet was made to send to a new college student to commemorate the dorm experience. We knew that she’d be in a single size bed but did double knowing that wasn’t forever. This young woman’s soul and music are intertwined. When this jumped out while we were in Ikea it was a done deal.

The duvet itself is not difficult. It takes a basic sewing machine. If I had a serger it would be quick AND easy but I don’t. I start with a zig zag stitch and then go back and hit it with a straight stitch.

The comforter was standard 84″ by 84″. The duvet is 84″ by 86″. Longer based on xl dorm bed.

Closing the bottom there are a few opotions. Button holes and buttons; snap tape, which is what I used; tries to tone shoe lace bows or velcrow. I’ve made probably 7 duvets and have done it multiple ways. The snap tape I’d had for years and decided to use it for hers.

Hope that you’re enjoying it Kayt. Focus on the grades and see you in the near future.Fabric duvet


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