Extra $Money= CL and Upshabby

Yesterday was the Upshabby Glass Challenge kick off. Head over to Facebook Upshabby to check out the posts and VOTE! I love this part of the process. Actually the entire process starting with the CL hunt to waiting for votes. When I started buying things from CL there were 2 things on my mind… Good bones and “buy low sell high.” Literally that was it.

If you are interested in making a few extra bucks might I recommend giving it a try. I picked up the stereo credenza a little over a week ago from CL and it just sold for 17.5x’s what I paid for it! That doesn’t take into account the time to redo it nor the drive to get it but still.

It isn’t difficult and I get satisfaction knowing that I have extra money to make ends meet and have changed something that somebody is willing to pay that kinda money for. Huge shift from what i paid. The only bummer now is that the tunes left the the garage. šŸ˜¦

Get out of your comfort zone and Upshabby. I’m sure we can all find a piece or 2 in our homes that deserve a bit of attention. Go ahead… Look at things in a different light. Paint is easy. Changing knobs can make all the difference. One doesn’t needed to start BIG but start…

Signed… Upshabby

credenza that just sold!



Lamp in the Upshabby Glass Challenge~ $5 from CL



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