Wanting Tips for getting started on CL? Read on…

TrunkIt seems that I get this question fairly often. “Where do you get your ‘stuff’ and how do you decide what to pick up?” as previously mentioned, I look for specific things for a max price point. I need it to be worth my time in the end. I buy things that I like because I never know how long it’ll be WITH me. 😉

If you’re new to this I would recommend starting small. It doesn’t have to be in perfect shape to start and not when you’re done either. Everything that I post for sale says something like “I don’t live in ‘perfect’ so if you’re looking for perfect this may not be for you…”

The boyfriend and I relocated from TX to AZ 9 months ago. Left the City Parks and Recreation job that I had there and I’m “jonesin” to be back in. I miss that immensely! If anybody out there knows someone here in the Phoenix area that works for a city, please let me know. I can earn the job after an interview but its getting the interview that’s a challenge.

All good and it’ll happen but tossing it out there.

The pics that I’m attachinca started from CL and were sold after I Upshabby’d them. Have a fantastic day! If you haven’t been to the Facebook Upshabby page to look at the challenge pieces, please do. Vote for Upshabby aka Alli!

Signed… Upshabby

Ethan Allen~VintageDresserimage


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