Stars are lining up… (Grinning like the cat that are the canary)

Yesterday was very interesting. Had the 1st and 2nd interview with same company. Got the call with a verbal offer. Have to meet with my manager today to get the details. Benes from day 1. Received an email for my car. I’d thrown her up on CL. Nothing wrong with car but she’s paid for. Selling her would allow me to pay off a few bills and replace her without jumping into 401k. Yes… Please.

I’ve been wanting to jump back into working for a city in Parks and Recreation Dept. that is wha I spent 4 yrs getting the degree in. 😉 Had sent over my résumé for part time position. Got the n email that the résumé has been handed off to the hiring manager. I’d take that too if offered. Getting the door opened with employment with a City is challenging. We’ll see if the stars continue to line up.

I feel great about this! I had a few conversations yesterday before any of the pieces started coming together. One with my father, God rest his soul, and a former boyfriend that was taken too early in life. Recall that selling Nipper was a huge help in starting things  in a positive motion.

bottom line… don’t give up. Keep your eye focused on the solution and believe that it’ll work out. I believe in karma. Do the right thing today to set in motion tomorrow.

Ben and I really like AZ. Especially now the temp is dropping. Things “feel” right… The pics are a few random ones from our visit to the Grand Canyon. Life is good.ImageImage


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