From the back of the room a shriek resonates, “it’s ALIVE!”

Oh how the sh*t rolls down hill. Had an interview last Tues. Got the call that they wanted to offer the next day. Listened to the guy talk but I had gotten an email from corp recruiter stating completely different details. Things like benes, W2 vs commission only. Things that in the big pic were HUGE.

Talked to mgr about the email. Bottom line he up had no idea what that was all about. Told him I’d forward it to him for reference. I did and didn’t hear. Emailed again today and didn’t hear. Got a call from his assistant justifying things. I felt like she wasn’t listening. Bottom line… I can’t take a position where they expect more from my integrity than I can expect of the culture/ work environment.

Have an interview tomorrow with a company that has salary PLUS commission. I’m fine with commission but need to know what is guaranteed to pay bills monthly. Commission is based own my efforts but… I need a base too.

So on that note, I sent the email to the recruiter that I’d gotten the info from that I wouldn’t be continuing in the situation prior to our interaction. Would take the position if parameters were of her information that was provided.

I’m not a big fan of lan”left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.”

Been there… Done that. By you know what the barber says, “nEXXXTttt!”

Signed… Upshabby


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