End tables are feeling a bit Mardi Gras…

This morning the boyfriend looked at the newest version of the tables and said they looked Mardis Gras. I chuckled a bit but definitely see that. I may pull of the stache  and tie in the right and female kissers. We’ll see on that. They came from CL. Got these 2 end tables and the Chow coffee table for $10.

Mardi Gras anyone?Never knew what a “chow table” was until it was taken to the consignment shop. It’s a small version of a coffee table that was used around the couch and multiple tables. Who knew? Not me. That tables been gone for awhile but the end tables needed help. They are currently posted 1 for $25 or both for $40.

Start the new job on Monday. Looking forward to the challenge. I have to focus on balancing the pieces of my life. I love the creativity but balance that with reporting to a job and earning salary. It’s not a ton of cash but enough To make ends meet. That allows me to focus on doing the work to earn the bonus!

My life is all about building rapport with people. Without the relationships and rapport, what’s the purpose? There are people that don’t want tot build rapport. Look at the last guy that I worked for. He wouldn’t allow it and wanted zero connection. I’m not talking about “personal” but if you build walls at least recognize that you’re not doing yourself any service. What did that barber say again?

NEXT! So off I go on my next journey but looking forward to it.

Signed… Upshabby


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