Choosing what to focus on~ glass half empty or half full?

Interesting scenario. Been 4 days on the new job. i work with a small group. Depending on who you ask will dictate the info. Everyone seems to be paid different wages. Kinda feels “off” but I have to be thankful for the base.

After the meeting we had time to kill. Ended up at Applebee’s. They drank alcohol. In my previous life I shoulda jumped right in and lead the pack. I quit over a year ago and had to remind myself of my promise to DogDog. I believe in traveling souls and I agreed to stay away from alcohol. He agreed to find me again.

One of the ladies was trying to figure out why I don’t drink. I casually explained that it doesn’t work FOR me. I know it wasn’t the answer she was looking for but that’s what she got.

It was interesting to see that scene from “outside the fish bowl” instead off being THE fish in the bowl.

My glass of “life” is half full. And yours?



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