Upside Down “you turn me”… Inside Out…

The routine of life can get dramatic. Unexpected… Crazy… You name it!i started journaling straight out of high school. I bet that if I went back and reread them I would be shocked! I’m not complaining as things happen for a reason but, really? I missed the memo about hitting mid-life and re-directing to FIND a way to get what I dreamed about 25 years ago!

While I’m on that path, I haven’t been doing much in the way of Upshabby. However, I did pull out a few clear glass vases and gave them color! Part of that was wanting a pop of color but the other goal was to hide the plastic stems from the flowers. SUCCESS!

The teal one was delivered with a flower delivery. It had been in the spare bathroom holding paint brushes in Murphy Oil Soap. The orange one was a glass jar that was bought years ago but never really used.


It’s quick and dirty. Pour in a few inches of paint in the bottom. Swirl it around until you get the effect you want and dump it out.  I like the orange one that has the clear inch on bottom. Because the paint is on the inside it looks clean. Don’t forget that you can’t use it for any kind of goodies. I like the look and Upshabby’g instead of tossing. The orange one has a few chips but it’s not noticeable.

Acrylic paint from Walmart for $.50. A little time coupled with creativity and there ya go! Have fun with it!


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