Job~ Love or $$ OR Both?.

I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever said that in your 20’s you’re clueless. 30’s are all about figuring it out and 40’s is when things start to click. They must have REALLY understood LIFE.

Things are going great. Wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what age group I fall into. growing up I had a few jobs that were fantasies. Yes the vet as most kids do. i thought it would take too much school and I don’t deal well with blood. Always wanted to carry mail for the USPS. That was prior to online bill pay. Job security isn’t “quite” like it used to be.

The last was working for the airlines. My degree is Recreation Admin and I’ve bounced into a few City positions but never felt that I was home. Decided that it was time to jump at the airlines again. I’d interviewed with them once but nothing ever came of it.  Dropped into an “open house” last Friday for an interview. Got called yesterday. That’s where the ❤ comes in. It’s not working For the airline so the perks aren’t there but its an airport job to get my foot in the door. 😉

Today I go for an interview this morning. This company provides a base that’s liveable with commissions. Benefits from day 1. They pay for my health insurance and also gym membership? Wow! In today’s careers, that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

I’m very excited by this turn of events.  I can live on the salaried position while learning how to excel in that. But… I also get to follow my desire to get my foot in the door with the airline industry. Money and bene’s = full time. ❤ = part time. What a great way to spin it and get BOTH! I’m excited and ready for this part of my life!



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