I got re-invigorated YESTERDAY!

I won’t make this long and drawn out. Lately I’ve been feeling kinda “meh” about furniture and repurposing it. Part of that was the last challenge feeling so “flat.” I won the challenge which means I should be bouncing off the walls to announce the next venue. But based on lack of participation and follow through I decided to put it on hold. I don’t want to waste my time and energy trying to make something happen that people say they want to participate and then check out.

HOWEVER, with that said, I decided it was time to check in with the consignment shop to see what was going on and what had sold. I suppose that part of the reason why I’d been so slow to check because last time there was only 1 sale. I felt like “why am I doing this again?”

Guess what? Four pieces that I took over there are SOLD! I’m excited. Feel like I have air that’s just been added to my sail. Because I’ve been feeling out of the loop on the repurpse circle, I had not picked up paint in probably 2 months. Yes I have plenty, but that’s not the point.

Today I went over to Lowe’s just to do a quick walk through to see what they had in the “Oops” department. Normally a quart of paint is $13 to $18. In the Oops it has been marked down to $1 to $2.50 for that same paint. Oops either means that the person mixing made a mistake or the buyer decided they didn’t like it and walked away. That happens when you stare at a paint chip and then wet paint hits the top of the can. Go figure. I stick to paint that’s $1 for a quart and I use that for the Chalk paint mix. Love love it.

Getting back to feeling invigorated. Finding out that 4 of the items had SOLD kicked a spark in my step. I don’t currently have anything to paint but I’ll be back on the hunt soon! Who am I kidding? I already started “hunting” which for me is the fun.

So get out and do the things you love and make that connection with yourself and those that are part of your world.

Signed… Upshabby


4 thoughts on “I got re-invigorated YESTERDAY!

  1. I have been feeling a bit like you lately but today the same thing happened I went fabric shopping on my lunch break and picked up some great remnant pieces of fabric for 2 and three bucks a piece then stopped into Goodwill and actually bought a couple things after a VERY long dry spell. YAY! I finally worked on a project tonight! Great idea about the bargain paint! I am all about that!

    • If I didn’t stick to the Oops paint it would get too costly. If it’s not quite the shade I’m going for I’ll throw another color to change tones. $1 qrt vs $13… Ya think? There’s another big box store similar to Lowe’s. Don’t bother. They don’t do the bargain paint like Lowe’s. 😉

  2. I’ve been there. I’m actually in the downward slope of where you are now. Everything I had brought to my shop sold in 2-3 days so I hustled in more and nothing has sold in a week and a half. Feast or famine! The teick is to not get down. It wilk hapoen and if it doesn’t, shuffle it around a bit! Another paint tactic I use – sample pots. For $3 I can have any color I want and I can generally get one or two pieces of furniture done with that. And I’m not stuck with the usual tan, creams,and greys that are typical oops. Hope that helps!

    • That is VERY helpful. I pick up oops paint but add tint to it to get it to the color I want and need. I’m cheap about paint $1 so if I paint things multiple times I don’t care! Thanks again for your feedback!

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