Keep them wheels ROLLING!

The last few weeks has been odd. I really started missing the rollerblade lifestyle. My folks’ bought me my first pair of blades at Nordstrom’s back in about 1989. They were the hard boot that were neon green and called Lightning by Rollerblade. I was slow to start and become proficient but I loved it. I went to college at Chico State in Cali and lived less than a mile away from Bidwell Park. You’d find me rolling several times a week starting at 1 mile and making the turn to head back at 5 mile. Those were the days! Life was so much simpler. 

With that said, rollerblading has always been close to my heart. Went to college playing Field Hockey. Thought that I’d never find something that I liked THAT much. I did. It was called~ roller hockey. 😉

When I left Oregon, long story, I found my way back to my parent’s house. To keep my sanity I “found” rollerblading on the levy. For about 2 years I rolled between 45 and 50 miles a week. I was in amazing shape! It was probably about 6,000 miles in that time. and in that time I never had a picture of me in action. My boyfriend, Ben , is a photog and we’d talked about it but weather always robbed us.  Last night though we decided that today was the day! I was excited! This morning we were up and walked the short distance to our levy and let the games begin.


I was extremely rusty and didn’t “move and transition” quite as nicely as I had back in the day but it was fun to reconnect with the part of life that made me feel ALIVE!

That’s it from me today. Find whatever puts a smile on your face and a kick in your step. Without those 2 things it’s a vicious circle. Thanks to I know how rough my skate was but he caught the movement that I was looking for. Please hit his website and let him know that Alli sent ya.

Signed… Upshabby


2 thoughts on “Keep them wheels ROLLING!

  1. You look so intense! I admire that you can still skate like that! I was a dance major in college, and at 50, I can hardly do a plie, but I miss it so much. I’m trying to get back into shape so I can do some modified ballet!

    • Oh girl… I used to be able to tear it up! That day I was skating but crying inside at how rusty I was. My photog/ boyfriend did a great job capturing it. If dancing is where your heart is then you owe it to yourself to reconnect. Just remember that it won’t be perfect but it’s reconnecting with your soul that is important! You can do it! 😉

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