Prescription Meds too costly? Read and pass on…

Prescription meds can be a challenge. Especially if person needing them is without insurance. Even with insurance the costs can get significant. I learned something that I my soul is telling me to share.

If you have family or friends that rely on prescription drugs , please share this with them. i was tasked with getting quotes on a handful of meds from a few different stores to find out which would be the most cost effective. Went to Walgreen’s, WalMart, Costco and Sam’s Club. i was getting 30 day costs vs 90. Walgreen’s and WalMart were similar on price. The helpful Pharmacy Manager at Walgreen’s mentioned Sam’s which was the “bargain.”

Prescription meds

Long story short the most costly 3 month was nearly $3,000. Costco beat that hands down at $605. i thought there was no way that Sam’s could beat that, however, they did. Let me break it down. They price match so the Costco price is matched but it gets better than that. Jason, rep, that I was on the phone with asked if I’d heard about the prescription “plan.” That’s not what he called it but it basically was additional 40% off.

First, you have to be a Sam’s Club member so there is that annual cost. Let’s assume that’s $50 for easy numbers. The prescription plan is additional $100/ yr but that reduces meds by 40%!

Go back to the $605 price match. For an additional $100 per year that drops that to approximately $363. Remember the high quote of nearly $3k? Sam’s Club almost makes drugs reasonable! So again, please share this with loved ones who struggle to find enough to cover meds. I don’t like the direction that our Country is taking and it hurts my heart and soul knowing that there are many going without the needed prescription meds based on cost.


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