Daisy added a skip in my step…

I’m amazed that adding an 8 lb dog to the family has added that much energy to the house. Our 75 lb German Shorthair Pointer lost his life to cancer. He fought the good fight and lasted approximately 3.5 years when the vet said 6 months. It was a blessing to have him the 12 years but there was a void without him. 

I promised Brodie that when it was time to let him go I’d not keep him here. His soul told new that back in April that time had come. This past weekend I heard the words I’d been waiting to hear. Ben said, ” I could deal with a small dog.” That was enough to throw a spark in my day. On Sunday we went and found Daisy at the PetSmart animal adoption. This is the first small dog that either of us has had. I like the hair vs fur. Bonus there. on our 1st driving escapades i had put her in the back hatch with her bed. Yesterday I decided to see how she rode in her bed on the passenger side floorboard. Ding ding ding! Much better. 🙂

It’s funny because I made her her 1st jacket “claiming Halloween.” Then last night I started another one. Uhh… How many days is Halloween again? So today when I take her to the vet to get her “wellness checkup” she’ll go in style.


The other thing though is my soul got woken up that Upshabby had fallen asleep. Doorbell rang yesterday and it was the neighbor. She said, “you do furniture, right?” She wanted to offer a blonde piece of furniture before she threw it on CL. I didn’t buy itas there wasn’t enough mark up left after I finished but the irony that the Daisy and I walked over to check it out. 

Picked up a small table yesterday. It’s been 2 coated and sits in the garage waiting. The top has been painted in the remaining dregs of oops paint. The legs are very simple but are currently natural dark wood. The detail of them almost makes them want to be left alone to stand on their own. I’ll see how that plays out this morning. On the surface will go a Thanksgiving type graphic. “Count your blessings” from The Graphics Fairy just spoke to me. That doesn’t scream Thanksgiving but in line. Whoever buys it won’t need to tuck it away for months. 

Daisy started my spirit to reawaken. Great dog with more stubbornness than me? How is that possible? I’ve got a few pieces that I’m looking at today. I’ll post pics when done. It just seems like Thanksgiving type graphics are the way to go for the remaining couple of months of 2013. Really? Where are the brakes in this journey called life? I don’t want to stop but ban we please slow it down? 


4 thoughts on “Daisy added a skip in my step…

  1. It’s amazing the void that dogs leave behind when they’re gone. They’re such special members of the family. Daisy looks like a great addition to yours!

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I recently lost my cat after 17 years together, and that was so hard. I am glad you adopted another! She is really cute! I never was never “big” on small dogs and then 10 years ago a little Bichon Frise entered our lives and now I cannot imagine our lives without our little Casper! xoxoxo

    • Yea I had my BroBro for 12 and he moved with me more times than any dog should. He was my best friend and loved me unconditionally and I him. But now Daisy is filling the void. All 9.6 pounds of her… Lol…

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