Expect the Unexpected~ Happy Halloween!

Our dog Daisy is saying, “really? How many shirts you going to throw me in and call it “Halloween?” Lord help me if there was a child instead of a dog.

I Upshabby’d the sleeves from a white denim jacket that I shortened. That became the body piece that wraps her middle and secured with Velcro. The polka dots were a small remnant from another project but up it works with her collar. Probably about 18″ of the dots. The tail piece was added because it seemed too short. The chest piece is the white denim with a 10″ piece of ruffle ribbon that’s been hanging around and sewn to the denim to give it stability.

Yes, the dogs nails are red. Poor beast. Think she’s fitting into the family? She sailed through her vet check up. I’ll go pick up Benadryl for her this morning per the vet. See if we can reduce the sneezing. She also has a baby tooth that needs to be pulled as it never fell out and had another take its spot. Aside from that, she’s good.

Crazy thing is I have a white “wife beater” tank that I added the polka dot ruffle sleeve detail to. It’s cold around here so I’ll wear it under a jacket tonight for the neighborhood Halloween get together.

Have fun and be safe!

Upshabby Halloween


4 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected~ Happy Halloween!

  1. Hahahaha – “Lord help me if there was a child instead of a dog.” Happy Halloween! Daisy looks adorable and so festive. ๐Ÿ™‚

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