Holiday Season has ARRIVED~ ready or not….

It’s hard to believe that November just rolled in. However, it has! Our 1st Halloween in the neighborhood just passed and it was… It was interesting. I’ll be as curt as I can manage. Felt like a mix of old school on one side and Gen Y (?) on the other. Ben and I are old school. Interesting is all I can say…

With Halloween being over I pulled off the door hanging and switched it up. The new door hanger is all about welcoming the Holiday Season.


It was very simple. Items used:

Foam Core

Fabric & ink jet printer

spray adhesive

Mod Podge

black acrylic paint

twine or ribbon & glue gun

Start by finding the graphic you want to use. Cut the fabric to size that you’ll be printing. I used 8.5 by 11.  You can use a piece of card stock but I’ve also used a sheet of labels with labels removed. Lightly spray the paper with the adhesive to accept the fabric. All you are doing is giving the fabric the stability and structure to run through the printer. Once the fabric is stuck to the page place it in the printer and get ready to “help” it if needed. clean up fray edges so it doesn’t gum up your printer.

Print and let it dry for an hour. It’s tempting but don’t do it. In this picture, the ink was not sealed, which is why it looks smeared in areas. I didn’t care for this one, but when I do it again I will soak the fabric in vinegar to lock the ink in.


I used foam core and painted the outside edges black to give it dimension. Pull out the mod podge and go to town. I applied 3 coats allowing them to dry in between. The last step was the hemp twine used to hang. i attached that with the glue gun but you could also poke a hole through the foam core.

Total time was about 40 min. This could be used for many different things!  Let your creativity guide you and have fun with it!


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