Take that sweatshirt in!!

How many times have we all worn a sweatshirt to the end of its “livelihood” and ended up tossing it? Maybe the waistband got trashed/ stretched out of “fit.” Upshabby raises her hand.

One sweatshirt in particular that I’m referring to. Nearly a decade ago I coached high school field hockey. I enjoyed connecting with the girls and teaching them about lessons on the field AND life. Things like sportsmanship and leading by example. The players probably didn’t see the connection at the time but at some point in their lives they may say, “that’s why…” If not that’s ok too but that was the goal.

Getting back to the sweatshirt. I have an XL hoody. I haven’t worn it much in the last decade except to paint a few times. That’s obvious as there is a bit of white and a hint of tiffany blue. Face it… I didn’t like how big the waistband was. Soooo… what’s a gal to do with said sweatshirt and sewing machine?


You guessed it!  I took in approximately 8″ total. I split that up to half on 1 side and half on the other. I don’t want it smaller through the body. For crying out loud~ it’s a sweatshirt but I want it to sit at my middle instead of my hips. OMG! How many things have I tossed for something less than this?

Even as I think about the light trench in my closet, I’m planning my next move. With the trench I’ll take it in from the arm pits down the side seams about 5″. Basically the goal is to fit/ tailor the jacket so that it takes away the bulk. I bought it too big. What can I say? Not to mention having dropped weight in the last 2 years.

Perhaps the projects in the garage can wait awhile. Oh yea… “the” garage must have heard that as now I hear the table calling my name.


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