Harley Davidson added…

Ben’s been gone for most of the weekend. In my time alone with Daisy I’ve gotten several projects done.  I find myself measuring productivity based on the number of partial quart cans of paint that I was able to toss because they were DONE! I have so many partial qrt cans of paint that my rule to buying more paint is when I throw them outWhen they’re done. 😉 this weekend I tossed 3 cans in the recycle can. HOORAY!

Today I found a cabinet on CL for $5. It’s vintage and not in perfect condition but it’s got good bones. That’s key. I brought it home and pulled it out of my car and let “colors” talk to me. I decided on a burnt red color. It’s a custom color as I mixed what I had been working with on the previous project and what I had on hand. The pic is how it started and 1/2 way done.


Tomorrow I will heavily distress the edges and stain the raw exposed wood. The top was painted white that had brown mixed in to make it more neutral.



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