Daisy Drama & life update…

Our 9.6 lb Daisy Dog crossed over the week marker with us. Today I had to go to the airport to finish the security training and then pass the test. Not 1 test, but 7? Good thing tests don’t bug me. Daisy had been my right hand up until this morning when I had to leave her. 4 hours later I came home not knowing what I’d find. 

I made the mistake of not putting up the doggie door to limit her access to the house. She’d been doing so well. Oops… as I opened the door it became clear what she’d been doing. In the front room there are 3 sets of blinds. She pretty well tore the bottom of 2 sets. If that wasn’t enough she went into Ben’s office and grabbed another set. They didn’t get pulled off the wall but I didn’t realize that a 10lb dog could wreak so much damage. It was clear that she did not like being left alone.

at first I thought it was the Halloween candy she was after. Nope. She was trying to clear the windows. the irony is that if she stands on her back tippy toes and reaches up she may be 2 ft tall. 

Poor beast. She knew that she was in trouble. No eye contact yet did not want to walk away. How could I be mad at her? I made the mistake of the doggie door. All she wanted was to continue being my partner in crime. So tonight is a “lay low” night. i don’t know how much of the metal and plastic she ingested. The blinds were the horizontal minis. 2 sets were plastic while the other was metal. I need to keep track of her to make sure she’s ok. Oh wait. She sleeps on the bed with us. We’ll know.

My fault and I’ll own it. I’ll track replacements down on CL or the thrift store. 

The good news is that I finished the airport testing and passed. I got my badge today to start the next part of the journey. The plan is to ride the metro rail to work. That will limit the drive/ gas time. Won’t pay the parking fees at the airport. Bonus! And reduce my carbon footprint? 

It feels like I just had to put my “big girl” shoes on. Ask me in a few weeks how the train is going as I start this Saturday. My tentative  schedule will be 6am until 3pm. That was by choice. I’d rather get that part over with so that I have time to Upshabby!

Until next time~ let your creativity shine…Image


2 thoughts on “Daisy Drama & life update…

  1. LOVE the Daisy update! Awww . . . little girl just loves her mama. But you know, if it ever gets to be too much, I will gladly pay the shipping fees . . . as for the new job. Yay! You chose hours I would choose. I am an early riser, love being up and busy before the day even begins. And being finished with work so early in the day? Extra bonus. Enjoy both the new doggie and the new job.

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