Last free Upshabby day- airport job tomorrow!

This is a great “last day” feeling before my world shifts again. I’m looking forward to the new journey. 😉 Sky Harbor is just over 20 miles away. The part I really like is that I get to drive about 10 miles and hop the Sky Train that drops me at the terminal door.  No parking costs and less time in my car? I’ll take it! 

Today I’ve got 3 projects that I want to complete. We’ll see how far I get on that though. I also have to go pick up a crate for Daisy to keep her out of trouble when we’re gone. I’ll have to Upshabby said crate and put her name on the outside! 

The lazy Susan was picked up from GW for $2. I chalk painted and grabbed a graphic from The only think left to do on that is seal it. Also, I added the bottom part onto it as there was too much open space at the bottom. This pic is with the add but then I took some of that away because it was a bit of overkill.


Yesterday Daisy and I went and hung out with another Upshabby. As we were leaving she asked me to take a coffee table off her hands to clear space. Free? Oh sure. That was the LEAST I could do. I started that yesterday and I’ll finish that today. It’s a great solid table. Was painted in oil last and became a kids craft table with paint and other stuff. But I got a coat of chalk paint on and I’ll hit it again before I put a graphic on it. The last 2 coffee tables that were at the consignment shop sold quickly so that’s the plan. I have before pics but haven’t downloaded them yet. House is sleeping so if you want to se that head over to Upshabby on FB. I’ll post them there when I’m done.

The final project that I’ve got on my schedule is the hairpin table. It’s Ikea but in great shape. I don’t intend to paint it. I want to add a graphic that’s oversized and seal it. We’ll see how it goes though. I’m flexible and roll with it. Dog crate, coffee table, hairpin table and a bunch of polyurethane. That is MY day. If it wasn’t so cold I’d head out to the garage now. Did you hear that? Cold in AZ!!


Check in at Upshabby FB if you want to see additional pics

Signed… Upshabby 


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