Life beyond the airport. :)

Tomorrow marks a week at the airport. I love the physical challenge of running behind people (aka pushing the wheelchair) to get them to the next part of their journey. Had to remind myself that I don’t fall into being an athlete anymore but love the challenge. People know if you want to help them. They can tell if it’s a want & desire or “part of the job.” I let people know that I treat them as if they were “mine” for the brief time that I’m with them.

Even though it’s only been a week, my clothes are bigger already. I’ve taken in several pair of pants and a few shirts. I never saw this coming but love it that much more.

The Paris table sold today. Also the Artograph Tracer found a new home. 😉 the gal that bought the table asked for a quote on a piece of furniture that she has. That’s a first. Also, the mermaid table has interest.

With that said, my Monday is tomorrow and my alarm goes off in 6 hours. I need to catch some z’s.Image


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