Inexpensive Gifts… teachers? Pastors? Parties? You decide…

Need an inexpensive gift? This idea has been on Pinterest forever but it’s the first time I tried it. I picked up the mug at the Dollar Store. Pulled out a plain black Sharpie. Once I was done with putting the mustache and BenJa on, I turned the oven onto 450 and put the mug in to enjoy the warm up mode. It reduces the mug from cracking but I didn’t have any issues. I left it in for 30 min and left it in the oven to cool down. This pic is right after it came out. I got my finger wet to rub on the mug but there was no transfer. 





Simple project that is inexpensive. Have fun with it! It looks like it ran a bit but it didn’t. I free handed it. 😉


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