Wrapping up 2013!

I’ve been MIA. I think about it almost everyday but when I get home from a full day at the airport our bed calls. It’s challenging to get people and their bags from the arriving plane and onto the next part of their travel. Especially when they outweigh me by a couple hundred pounds. But… It’s what I do and overall I love it. 

Except, I’ve been sick the last 2 months more often than I am in a year. Currently I’m sick and am in the guest room in an attempt to contain it and not get Ben sick too.

After 7 years together, he asked me to marry him. Without hesitation I said, of course.” Followed by an ” about time.” I lost my father over 4 years ago and loved the part where Ben shared that he talked to him about it. My father liked Ben and was on board. It’s important knowing that even though I can’t verbally communicate with pops I still know that he’s okay with it.

It’ll be a year out and tbd where. I’m drawn to a bucket list place that requires a plane ride. 😉 Small invite list. Small ceremony. Very low key is my vote. Afterall, this is the 2nd time for both of us. I’m planning on making (aka Upshabby’g) my dress. That is fun to think about! Ideas are bouncing around with that but we’ll see. 

Happy New Year and be safe… ❤ Upshabby Image


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