Wedding dress~ update

Interesting day. Went to the boutique bridal. Took a look at the 15 or so gowns in the clearance area. None of which were my size. Even though I’ve lost the weight wedding dresses run small. Didn’t even bother. They attempted to get me to jump into the higher priced area but I wasn’t “playing” that. It’s both of our 2nd wedding and the dress just isn’t worth the money for 1 time wearing it. 

As I was leaving, the gal said, if it doesn’t have to be a “wedding dress” perhaps you should look at formal dresses at the department stores. I figured, what the hell, might as well. On my way back home I stopped at the mall and went into one of the larger chains. I tried on 6 formal dresses. Shocked the hell out of me when the full legnth sheath dress looked fantastic. When did “that” happen?! Oh wait. It’s the hustle at the airport.

Bottom line… I didn’t come home with a dress. We have time and I didn’t want to go with a dark color. I’ll continue to look until the off white formal dress jumps out at me. It was just nice to see that it looked good but I got over avoiding the type of dress. Thought crossed my mind, “damn girl… Your body looks great. Where ya been hiding?”

I won’t be able to show Ben when I bring it home. Call me old school, however, I’m sure I’ll pick up a different one prior to the date. As I said, we’ve got time. Tic Toc…


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