Happy New Year~ life and Doors…



Sending out great thoughts as we kick off 2014. There are many changes going on and I needed the reminder that if focusing on a door closing, it doesn’t allow attention on the next one opening.

Life is like that too. Things are great. Wedding plans are starting to get brainstormed. Nothing major set in stone but I’m liking the idea of wedding and honeymoon at a destination. Commonly referred to as a destination wedding. 🙂 If that’s what we decide, invites will be limited. it will all be coordinated with the airlines to get the best possible “group rates.” I look forward to getting all that together. 

Work is good but I needed the reminder that when doors close it means another will open.  If something falls through it means that it wasn’t meant. None of us needs to beat ourselves up. Instead I choose to remind myself that they couldn’t “afford me. Their loss. Lol!

Happy New Year! Be safe. Please don’t drink and drive.

Signed… Upshabby


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