Walk a mile in MY shoes…





This is my Sunday and laundry is going to get me ready for the “new” week. As I’ve mentioned, there is so much going on that I’m losing track. Nothing that’s out of line but still needing to focus on the important pieces. Yes, Ben and I are getting married. That’s fun and amazing to think about but there are other variables necessary to get that event in motion.

Primary is where followed by when. My goal is to work for the airlines that includes flight benefits. Those would cover he and I and a few others. I won’t start throwing ideas out on the table until I have access to making it all a reality and then the planning/ coordinating will begin. 😉

Of late, I’ve been thinking of a few people that have thrown rocks at me. I recall the events that lead up to that situation and wonder if they really thought they knew what they were doing. How dare anyone throw rocks at someone and “think” they know everything by simply listening to an outside voice. An outside voice that is ignorant about me and what I’ve been through.


Moral of the story is quite simple, do not judge people unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. 

It’ll be interesting to feel the effect of my walking into Terminal 3 yesterday. I expect the question will come up about how I “knew.” Bottom line, I like the group I’m with but have to keep track of options. If I don’t take the time to look out for me at the airport… Who will? Certainly not management because it’ll cost them more time and money. 

So, as I embark on the next journey, my request is simple. Don’t judge people without having walked a mile in their shoes. I wouldn’t wish anybody to have to experience what I’ve been through.

Signed… Upshabby


One thought on “Walk a mile in MY shoes…

  1. I have been hit by rocks too lately, I know how you feel. I’m in full “rock shield” mode. Life is damn hard and we all try our best to get through it. We have all had our own judgmental words come back and haunt us or at least I have. I really try to look at things differently now, but others continue to go on judging. It is a shame humans are like this : (

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