Destination wedding~ tbd

Looks as if this is one step closer to lining up. I’m excited about starting to create this event! First it’ll happen in my head and then details to follow on paper.

I received word today that things as I know them at the airport are shifting. I knew it was happening but the timeline was unknown. Which is why I’ve posted previously about doors opening when others close. It’s our responsibility in life to keep our eyes and awareness open to change.

When Ben asked me to marry him after 7 years together I said, “yes” followed by “took you long enough.” My goal has been to wait for flight benefits to put this in motion. We’re both from California, but there is no draw to call that “the” place. AZ is home now but there are limitations based on heat issues. Imploding family is not my idea of an option.

I don’t know where yet or when but the wheels are turning. Flight benefits are impending due to changes coming down the line. Those benefits make it more affordable to get key people to the destination. My travel bucket list is extensive and I’m excited to get the opportunity to cross those off the list. 

My guest list will be extremely small. It’ll include family and a handful of friends throughout the years. I suppose I need to work on getting my passport in order now. 😉 How exciting!

Outdoor destination wedding sounds fantastic. We’ll pick a place that we want to see because once the wedding happens we’ll stay for the honeymoon. Now my mind is really starting to wander. Must crash again so the 330am wake up alarm doesn’t shock me!Image


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