Life and wedding~ UPDATE!

Things are happening quickly and I’m both thrilled and amazed. I’ll start with work. I’ve been at the airport just over 2 months. For years I’d always wanted to be at an airport, but things never fell into place. With that said, I’ve been there 9 weeks and things ARE NOW falling into place. My soul is doing the happy dance. 🙂

A few times in my life I’ve been in the right place at the right time, and this is one of them. I work for a contractor that is directly connected to US Airways. The recent merger with American has opened doors. Not just for the company that I work for, but bigger than that. I had been pushing wheelchairs and assisting those to get to and from the planes. Loved helping people and didn’t mind walking 9 miles a day. Tips were appreciated and I loved coming home with cash in my pocket daily.

Onto the next adventure though. I’m still working for the same company but got pulled into the office to talk about another option. Since I’d been there they had tried to get me to shift internally 3 times but things hadn’t added up and I didn’t “go.” This time, however, is different. I received the email welcoming me to the “airline” team. Training starts Monday and I’m thrilled.

Now onto the wedding. I didn’t realize that were only 500 miles from Moab. I’m not sure if we’ll fly or drive it the 1st time we go. However, I’m excited to have that opportunity to get a full visual before we commit to the specific location. 😉

Today is my day off so I’ve got the steamer trunk on the brain. Trunk is painted and ready to be distressed. Once I have that part done and am satisfied, then the true fun part starts. The graphic is done and ready for the process of being transferred. I’ve talked about how I do this already in a previous blog. Check back tomorrow if you’re interested because I’ll post pics! 

Its a good life. Signed… Upshabby



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