Our Wedding trunk… or DIY gift/ project…


The trunk started off in the above condition. Not horrible based on its years but needing TLC. I picked up the trunk to use, tentatively, for a photo shoot. It’s got our names so common sense tells ya it’s OUR pics.

The process is time consuming but worth the effort. First task is to chalk paint the trunk. Doesn’t require sanding or primer. I love how user-friendly it is!  Once that was finished I let the paint cure for a few days. Then onto sanding to distress and bring out the hinges and metal trim. I’ll go at it one more time tomorrow to bring out more of the original characteristics.


I planned on getting this posted earlier today but the best of plans? Y’all know that saying. I’m busy thinking about next week and what that opening door represents.

The final pic is the finished project. It isn’t perfect but that makes it more “realistic.” Especially knowing that it’s from approximately WWII. The trunk is gorgeous and represents a significant event. This will be a great functional piece of furniture. It may end up replacing the coffee table but that’s an unknown. I won’t sell it based on our names but I have another one in the car. It’s a tad bigger but may get offered up for sale with somebody else’s info.

When Ben and I have locked down a location, I’ll add that to the front panel that has the lock and key latch closure.  That’ll complete the trunk and it’ll become a permanent piece. The top surface will get clear coated to lock everything in. The body will remain as is to continue to distress as the years pass. But, as I said, I’ll distress it a bit more first. I love it and it screams Anderson!


I challenge us all, myself included, to open our souls and find ways to repurpose and Upshabby life’s memories. Make them hold significance instead of tossing things aside so quickly.  If you want more info on how I add the graphics… Ask or flip through the Upshabby blog. It’s there… Signed Upshabby


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