Changes in life is 1 of the only guarantees. Aside from death and taxes.

So much going on right now. Work is still… work. A lot of unknowns as the 2 airlines jockey for position. during training we learned that American was taking top position. If that is true, they make the rules/ guidelines. That part doesn’t effect me directly but I’m not fond of “surprises” and they seem to be rolling off the line. I just have to sit back for a few weeks and wait for the move back to Terminal 4. That’s where I started and ten went to T3 to learn as much as possible before the move.

Aside from that, our lease is up and we’re making the decision to down size from a large house to a condo/ apartment that is designated “luxury.” It’s a new concept as I’ve not been in that type of living situation since I left college. It’s a good move though as we are forced to really limit not keeping stuff that is redundant and that we don’t need. We’ll cut living space in half. I think that’s a good thing. Challenging… but good.

Today I’ve been out in the garage finishing up a coffee table so that I can sell it. It’s not coming with us so SELL! It’s not quite done but close.


imageSee the theme?


So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. A ton going on right now, but I just have to step back and let it unfold. Not my favorite thing but it’s a challenge. Packing a house isn’t my favorite thing either.  as I type this I look over at Daisy. She IS one of my favorite things.


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