Artistic and talented family! WooHoo…

This is a bit of a different post. I got a message that my sister and Upshabby, partner in crime, Shell aka Sista just reopened her Etsy shop!

I know how talented she is because “it runs in the family.” 😉 Her creations are amazing! If you are looking for glass that stands out and makes a statement head on over and take a look! Tell her Upshabby sent you.


Go and say hi and check out the eclectic pieces with amazing detail. They are gorgeous and 1 of a kind! This pic was something that Sista did for me from dad’s ashes. She knew that we shared a good relationship. The wind chime hangs outside my window. When I hear it, it takes me back to conversations that we had. One of my favorite things that he used to say is, “All you can do is the best you can do.” Hearing the chime is a blessing and she smelted a small portion of his ashes with glass and sent this to me. I’ll cherish it forever. At the wedding in 2015, dad won’t be there in body, but he’ll be there in spirit as the wind chime will be hung close by at the outdoor wedding. He may not be able to give me away to Ben but his presence will be known.


Share it with your friends and remember to let her know that Upshabby sent you.

Signed… Upshabby


One thought on “Artistic and talented family! WooHoo…

  1. Thanks so much sista for the kind words!!!! “Artistic” is a family trait…had by all. I am working on some samples of bereavement windchimes and hope to have them in my shop soon.

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