Upshabby’d glass baed aka cabachon…


This is was a piece of glass that sits in a vase. Lord knows how many of these I’ve tossed over the years with multiple moves. Today I thought I wanted to Upshabby it with the graphic I had created for our Save the Date magnets. I took the graphic and significantly reduced it to fit on the flat side of the glass. 


The chain that its on is a cheap ball and chain that I’ve had for a few years. It had been picked up for something else but it works. I have silver chains but the glass is too heavy for that. This way I don’t care if it breaks. It’s a reminder to me that this next year is all about staying on track for the wedding~ April 2015.

The piece of glass has a flat bottom and domed top. To fill in the issues on the bottom, I pulled out clear nail polish to even out the surface. Once that was dry, I cut down the paper using the glass as the template. Didn’t have a true bail so I used something I did have. It was much smaller than the glass so I added lace to the top of that to pseudo camo it.

My attention is drawn to it. Partially because it’s heavier than what I normally wear on my neck but also a reminder of where Ben and I are headed.

This could be done for nearly anything! Extremely cheap and a great reminder of what’s important.


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