Wedding prep decorations…

It’s clear that I’m having way too much fun with the DIY decorations. The idea is to keep it on the “cheap” but in doing that it looks put together. How does THAT happen, one may ask? With a little creativity and time.  🙂

These pompous will be hung on the shepherds hooks and/ or chair aisle side. I keep telling myself that I’m not picking up more hooks but it’s a lie. Seven are here and 12 is a good #. They’ll hold lanterns, Pom poms and floating tea lights in jarsWith a shabby strap to hang from.

The hooks are light duty weight and I think more than 2lb will be too much for them. Yet, what can be expected for $1 from the Dollar Store? The lanterns came from Ikea and got rattle canned. They were right at $4 ea. The Pompoms are fake flowers and the dry floral molds that were rectangular shaped from the Dollar Store and cut into 3 pieces. Those ended up being less than $3 ea.  

The goal is to finish the decorating pieces before June so I can cruise until next April. 😉 Very doable and not much money spent. We’re getting married in Moab. Mother Nature has the decorations handled!


The purple pompon is for the wedding. The one to the right of the lantern was a 1st try on flowers I didn’t care about.  After that first on I cut the flower mold piece smaller and cut off edges to make it semi round. I’ll pick up more purple and some white to dye with food coloring. fun fun.


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